Large Quatrefoil Brooch

Large Quatrefoil Brooch
Artist: Stefan of Pembroke
Availability: In Stock

A large bronze Quatrefoil Brooch. (1 ½”x 1 ½”)

Viscount Sir Stefan of Pembroke

Sir Stefan has been active in the SCA for over 30 years, 20 of which he has been a Knight.  He started in the SCA in the Kingdom of the West, where he first learned jewelry and lost wax casting from one of his Squires.  He eventually moved to the Kingdom of An Tir, which he now proudly calls home.  Working with his partner, Nicoly Bray, he opened a new shop in his garage and the dream of Pembroke Historical began.

He now divides his time between fighting, art and the running of a Barony.  His full time job is Pembroke Historical, and doing lost wax casting.

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